These are some of my art works... please click over pictures to view blow-ups.

sydney harbour pop up iconbroken well iconegg tart sculpturecappuccino sculptureshoe sculpturesydney harbour recycledsydney harbour recycled wood

Sydney Harbour pop up, Broken Well, Chinese Egg Tart Sculpture, Cappuccino Sculpture, Shoes sculpture, Sydney Harbour Recycled, Sydney Harbour Recycled in Wood

wave block icon

Wave Block, Elvis bust with Arms, Elvis sculpture (Elvis Bust), Elvis Figure, Elvis Bust in Bronze, Meat painting, Zatoichi sculpture,Zatoichi Figure, sculpture Bulge

Barry Minihinnick portrait

Barry Minhinnick portrait, Elvis drawing,Match-stick-ball, Fast-Forward Caricature, Origami Skull, Town Hall watercolour.

Music (collage), Finance, High jump animation, Ice-cream animation, cg_portfolio, Finger Walking

'Tsim Sha Tsui" (?a?????????|3?????????????????|) Panorama, Pen in Ink done in 1980, Hong Kong. 10-ft, 360-degree panorama.

Catalogue of 72 of my portrait drawings examples... (sorry, no blow-up of these portrait!)