sydney harbour pop up
Sydney Harbour pop up card opened
sydney harbour pop up ajar1
pop up card half closed 1
sydney harbour pop up ajar2
pop up card half closed 2
sydney harbour pop up closed
pop up card closed

Sydney Harbour pop up card

Please click below to view the youtube version of the Sydney Harbour pop up card:

This is my first attempt to make a pop up card. I am going to use a 2D cutter to make the harbour bridge cutting manufacturable.
The harbour bridge was designed to create a perspective visual effect.
I painted the orange sunset background. It creates a contrast with the black harbour bridge (simulating background lighting effect). Note the Opera House opens and closes like a fan, with the sun striking on one side (painted yellow) and shadow on the other side (painted purple).
The fact that this is a pop-up card means the 3D Sydney Harbour is collapsable into a half A3 size card, easily storable in a bookshelf.

Stephen Pong '2014


Stephen Pong   2014