Wave Block - Water Cube

(水立) - kinetic sculpture

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I was inspired by Reuben Margolin's kinetic sculpture in Youtube and decided to do one of my own.

The wave block also resembles 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening ceremony, where the wave like movements were created by hundreds of men pushing  their blocks from underneath.

Although the materials have nothing to do with water, its movement has the watery - fluidic characteristics, hence I also call it Water Cube.

While it is also describing two sine waves travelling in perpendicular, the driving mechanism is totally different. This wave block is driven by ONE motor only. It is portable and is self-contained inside a tall cookie jar. The 2 Sine waves are kept in phase, hence the look is a bit different too.

Mechanically, "driven by one motor" implies that the complex interactions of the two sine waves adding together, as demonstrated by the "choreographed" movements of the 80 odd cubes, are all generated by one simple rotating action. If you wonder how it was done, I have left the cookie jar see-through for you to work out how...:)

The equation:

        f(x,y,t) = sin(x+wt)+sin(y+wt)


        "w" is the omega symbol.

        w = rad  x  m   =  m  

               sec     rad      s


1) Reuben Margolin - kinetic sculpture.

2) 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.

3) John Chan (Madox) and Richard Kazmierczak for technical advice.

4) Glenn Blackman of Blackman Bicycle for technical advice.

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website: www.pong.com.au

Stephen Pong '2013

Wave block close

wave block small