Elvis Sculpture - Elvis bust with Arms (Palm Size)

This is an update from the other Elvis sculpture (looking sideways). The finished sculpture was 3D scanned, scaled down and reprinted to palm size.

 Why Elvis?! Aesthetically, Elvis"s face epitomizes ultimate good look and timeless universal appeal. His facial feature was once described as "chiselled by Michelangelo", Elvis is therefore easily a natural subject of choice for many sculptors. Elvis is also one of the most recognizable figures in the 20th century and it makes everyone a good judge of the sculpture likeness. Lastly, Elvis is no longer available for today"s high tech gear, one cannot "cheat" by getting him 3D scanned. The sculpture would therefore closer represent the true craftsmanship of the artist. 

Being a mortal, his youthfulness was all too a fleeting moment. Compared with the time it took to finish this sculpture, one would have seen his youthfulness come and gone.

 Sculpting wise, it is hardly an exciting thought to spend years on the same piece of 4 inch by 5 inch clay (cheap entertainment may be...  :). Only through the long and painstaking sculpting process that I realized the difficulties involved in capturing his true likeness. Capturing a face in a sculpture is much harder than drawing it in 2D, not to mention his quality of innocence and youthfulness with aesthetic appeal, all to be fused in a piece of clay. Very often getting the details correct in one angle would make the other angle / lighting look wrong. To reconcile these contradictions presents a challenge in itself. Being meticulous is also very important. Patience and perseverance goes before the showy creativity. It is the ability to spot your own mistakes and make the humble corrections that is most valued.

There have been many frustrations and unsuccessful attempts, obscured by this final sculpture as you see it, now written off as part of a learning experience... Obviously this is not a profitable exercise, yet I see it a worthwhile art project to pursue. Through the process I learned to be a better artist. Not only is it an attempt to commemorate this very handsome King of Rock and Roll, but also a testimony to the splendour in  God"s creation.

-Medium: Acrylic painted on resin.

-Size: palm size, approx 11cm / 4.5in (sculpture height).

-3D scanned file done in .stl format. (100Mb)

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Stephen Pong   2012



original prototype

elvis sculpture bust polyeuthrane 

Elvis bust in Polyeuthrane